Nanny Course in Chandigarh

Moving to abroad in Countries as a nanny is becoming increasingly popular, and is an very exciting life choice for many people. Countries offer many attractive opportunities for those who are planning to live and work in using a work visa. Nanny course in Chandigarh is one course via which you can apply for work visa under Caregiver Category and live in your dream country.

Nanny Course in Chandigarh

After Attaining a Diploma in Nanny courses  with actual training will make you eligible for a visa application through this route. If you wish to get best nanny training in Chandigarh then you can join NINC. Hope it helps!

Best Nanny institute in Chandigarh

NINC is among top Institutes for Nanny Course in Chandigarh. Know more about our institute and get trained from the best teachers. If you want to acquire Nanny training in Chandigarh then you must choose the best nanny training institute, to begin with. Attaining a Diploma in Nanny courses in Chandigarh with real and full training will make you eligible for a visa application through this method.

National Institute of Nanny Care Chandigarh provides career-oriented education established by a decade of experienced trained professionals with a vision to provide quality vocational education and training that enable a diverse candidates to achieve their educational goals. Faculties are dedicated in teaching and training on how to achieve scholarships .

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Courses at Nanny Institute

  • Home Nursing Training Certification
  • Child Care Training
  • Old Age Nursing Training
  • Disabled Nursing Training

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Nanny immigration we provide one of the best nanny coaching in Punjab. Now a days It becomes quite easy to get a work visa after completing nanny course in the caretaker category. Nanny is someone who completely invests in a child’s development, unlike babysitter who is only there for a child for only a few hours. N.I.N.C. Association understands the basic and minor details of the course and claims to provide the best training among nanny training institutes. Best Among all by Blog Education keeda

Nanny Training Institute in Chandigarh

NINC is the Best Nanny Training Course Institute in Chandigarh, which provides Affordable, Valuable, and Flexible Training Programs. For nearly a decade, NINC Institute has trained hundreds of caregivers, which include nannies, baby nurses, daycare teachers. Students all around India get privileges for our convenient online training courses. Our certified training programs are organized after and recommended by leading childcare hospitals, professionals, Ngo, educators, job employers, and many more.

NINC Nanny education training course institute in Chandigarh provides classrooms, and online educational training programs are designed for busy candidates who want to advance themselves or change careers in general. 

Nanny Course Fees in Chandigarh


We offer discounted full payment options, and we also provide an affordable payment plan as an option. Our low training charges ensure lower cost for students for good for various courses, quality training, and education. Our Nanny training is a small investment into a big future.


As the students are interested in gaining more knowledge, earn a professional certificate, start a home-based business, Our Nanny Training Programs will give you the practical skills you need to begin. 


There’s no need to take time away from work, family, or other responsibilities. Our flexible online or nanny classes workshop learning approach allows you to complete your program at your own comfortable pace. Log-in and out of the course at a time & place that is convenient for you.

The Nanny Live-in Care stream/ nanny education training course is popular these days. But it is very important to know how the following facts: –

Exact qualifications required, the difference between a nanny, au pair, and babysitter.

Duties of a nanny: caring for the whole child, typical job responsibilities and schedule,

Vast scope in the job market: the nanny caretaker/ caregiver career path, salary and benefits expectations, the benefits of location on your job carrier prospects, the scope for finding a nanny position, generally accepted qualifications for various agencies.

Salary or extra wages from Nanny Job: time-keeping, being paid, overtime wages, worker’s compensation, retirement savings, and other unique legal and financial issues.

Required Documents for nanny filing: Your verified certificates, resume, portfolio. As a comprehensive nanny contract is the foundation of a successful employment relationship. It not only outlines the by large terms of nanny’s job, it defines the work environment, on duty guidelines and the expectations of both parents and nanny it also provides the nanny with workplace protections that nanny had usually forfeited by working for a household employer rather than a business. The considerable points are that there should be a review on the key components that nanny should always include in their contract, including wages and benefits package, responsibilities and performance anticipation, on-duty behaviour principles, execution protections, work environment parameters.

Extra facilities: the live-in option, bringing your child to work, nanny salary, having a private home as your work environment, working with a stay-at-home parent

NANNY Course in Chandigarh

National Institute Chandigarh tell the nanny students how to carry out the following tasks:

  • Care for newborn babies or young children by various activities like feeding, washing, and dressing them and by supervising their play.
  • Plan educational play and learning various activities and organize a nutritious meal and timely sleep.
  • take children to their school, kindergarten and other outdoor activities
  • Protect children against hazardous dangers like (swimming pools, poisons, and stairs)
  • Arrange the outing of children.
  • Develop proper routines

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Live In Caregiver Program(LCP)

Anyone looking to immigrate to Canada as a nanny must fill out the application form for the work permit visa as a live-in caregiver. The government  instituted a live-in caregiver program specifically designed to help workers from outside the country to work as caregivers to address the shortage of domestic help in the country. This same program allows caregivers and nannies to apply for residency after two years of working as a caregiver. As the Canadian government has shut this program, you can now only apply to be a permanent resident if you have worked in Canada for at least two years with an LCP work permit or if your first LCP work permit was granted using a LMIA submitted on or before November 30, 2014.

Requirements for Permanent Residency:

The following work requirements must be earned withing 4 years of your arrival in Canada. When calculating this work experience you cannot count periods of unemployment, extended period of time outside of Canada, time spent working for an employer outside of Canada (i.e for a vacation) and any time you were a carer not living in the home of your employer. Please note that if you are applying for permanent residency in Quebec, the application will be looking for you to have demonstrated a knowledge of French.

  • 24 months of full-time live in employments or
  • 3,900 hours of authorized full time employment

Nanny Visa Consultant in Punjab

If you have met the requirements for permanent residency, you can begin your application process. You can also decide to apply for an open work permit at the same time as permanent residency. If you receive this permit you can work in any job you want. Additionally, if you decide to leave Canada, either permanently or for vacation, you will need to reapply for a temporary resident visa.

Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot

Both programs are 5-year programs that allow for caregivers and their family members to immigrate to Canada with the intent of becoming permanent residents.  You can qualify for these streams if: you have a job offer in Canada as a caregiver or you have experience working in Canada as a caregiver. Within these two pilot programs there are three ways to apply:

You do not have any experience working as a full time caregiver in Canada

You have some experience working as a caregiver in Canada but it is less than 24 months

You have at least 24 months of experience as a caregiver in Canada